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 Example of All Information Needed on a Character Profile

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PostSubject: Example of All Information Needed on a Character Profile   Wed Nov 12, 2008 8:44 am













TIPS: Be sure that when you are filling out the Appearance, Personality and History areas that you ellaborate and give some details. Don't be afraid of writing to much. Also, try to provide a pic of what your character might look like. A pic is not needed though. If you get stuck, look at another member's profile to get an idea on what to do next. But PLEASE try not to copy other's information.

Also note that the Era of this RPG is set in, is after the Imperial age by atleast 150 years. This meaning there is no Galatic Empire or Rebel Alliance or The Galatic Republic or even a Seperatist Army. So, please refrain from using these, now extinct, armies or empires in your profile in any way that would be impossible. Thank you.
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Example of All Information Needed on a Character Profile
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